Located on 86000 sq mt land, and 42000 sq mt building, KOLİN HOTEL ÇANAKKALE * * * * *

with its 650 meter coast line, 274 rooms and 670 bed capacity is hosting its guests as half pension system.

Çanakkale Çanakkale
People fought in wars through the history. Some of them did it for love and some for their country. Since 3000 BC, on these lands, there have been fights for rulership, dignity, love, honour and most importantly for country. And, ÇANAKKALE with its 5000 years of history, being culture and history city, located on the beautiful seashore, is proud to be a witness of this history on these lands, and the city is an important tourism centre.
Mission & Vision Mission & Vision
VISION STATEMENT Make Kolin brand a well known, leader brand in the sector. MISSION STATEMENT Provide service to our guests and partners above their expectations, and help our personnel to achieve their goals.
Quality Quality
Our main goal in management is to keep the customer and employee satisfactions at maximum levels and offer high quality service.