Kolin Hotel Resort is a paradise corner designed to provide a unique experience to its guests. While the hotel stands out with the combination of luxury and comfort, it has also set out with the aim of offering its guests not only accommodation but also a privileged lifestyle. With our corporate values, strong policies and legal standards, social responsibility awareness, bicycle and animal-friendly policies, Kolin Hotel Resort has an understanding that constantly improves and renews itself in order to provide its guests with an unforgettable accommodation experience. While this page provides our guests with important information about our hotel, it also emphasizes our transparency and commitment to our commitments. Kolin Hotel Resort welcomes its guests and is proud to embrace our goal of providing them with a quality accommodation experience as a top priority.


Kolin Hotel aims to be a leading brand in the sector by offering its guests a unique accommodation experience. Our vision is to exceed our guests' expectations by offering them not only a comfortable stay, but also an environment where they can accumulate unique memories and feel special.

On November 18, 2023, we renovated all the rooms and the lobby bar in the general areas of our facility and added 4 additional jacuzzi suites and we continue to increase the unique service quality for our guests.

Kolin Hotel has adopted the mission of providing high standards of accommodation services to its guests, while observing its environmental and social responsibilities. In order to meet and exceed the expectations of our guests, we are committed to constantly renewing and improving ourselves and providing the best service. We create a quality service understanding by ensuring that our employees receive continuous training, and at the same time, we attach importance to environmental sustainability, social contributions and ethical values. Kolin Hotel aims to offer an accommodation experience beyond quality service with an understanding that is sensitive to its guests and the environment.


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This report has been prepared to report the sustainability studies of our hotel to all our stakeholders, institutions, general and local administrations, the people of Çanakkale and all our interested parties. With the understanding of the importance of sustainability in every field and in every sector, as a result of the reflection of the principles of sustainability on applications, we accelerated our adaptation to the global sustainability agenda as Kolin Hotel. In this field, we aimed to be a hotel that not only follows global sustainability, but also contributes to all platforms we are a stakeholder in.


In this context, we have created a team for sustainability in our hotel. Our team has undertaken many tasks that will contribute to the follow-up of all the principles, the planning of events, the follow-up of practices, environmental effects, social comfort, the promotion of natural beauties, historical areas and our local gastronomy.


In our human resources policy; We ensure employee sustainability and loyalty by increasing our number of female employees, improving our activities for private groups, and supporting all our employees in social and business life within the scope of the principle of equality.


By expanding and multiplying the sphere of impact of our environmental and social projects, we share our knowledge and expertise with our sector by doing our job in the best way with the awareness of responsibility towards society and the environment.


With the awareness of sustainability as the basis of sustainability, our hotel attaches importance to the people, local entrepreneurs, endemic vegetation, natural water resources, cultural values, national assets and cultural heritage of Çanakkale.


We believe that our corporate success will increase even more by integrating sustainability into all our processes and management in a multi-faceted way in a short time.


As Kolin Hotel, we attach special importance and care to the use of disabled people in order to maximize guest satisfaction and comfort for everyone.


Our hotel has accessible areas designed to increase the comfort of our disabled guests and to enable them to visit our facility comfortably. Our disabled-friendly rooms are arranged in accordance with the needs of our guests with large corridors, low thresholds and special arrangements.


In addition, our facilities within the hotel include features such as ramps, elevators and private toilets, so our disabled guests can easily benefit from all the advantages of our facility.


This understanding is a strong commitment to make Kolin Hotel's hospitality accessible to everyone by not only providing high-quality accommodation service, but also respecting the specific needs of each guest.


Kolin Hotel welcomes its guests as a pet-friendly hotel. For us, your pet friends are part of your family and therefore we want you to share your stay.


There are specially arranged areas where your pets can move around comfortably in certain areas of our hotel. Also, pets are accepted Advantage kategorisi odalarımızda, sizin ve evcil dostlarınızın konforunu düşünerek tasarlanmış bir konaklama deneyimi sunuyoruz.


As included in the 'Pet Registration Form and Accommodation Conditions' form “An extra fee policy is applied for pets' hotel stays. You can learn detailed information about prices and conditions from our support and welcome team.


While Kolin Hotel acts with special attention and care to ensure that your pets have the travel experience in the best way possible, we also take care of the peace of our guests throughout the facility.


Our pet-friendly policy is designed to ensure that our guests have a trouble-free stay in the hotel while opening another door for them to feel at home.


Kolin Hotel is a bicycle-friendly hotel that welcomes its guests by offering a special service for cycling enthusiasts. For our guests who want to explore the unique natural beauties and historical texture of Çanakkale, our hotel offers specially designed bicycle routes and activities within the framework of its bicycle-friendly policy.


Brochures and works prepared to give our guests the opportunity to discover the unique landscapes of Çanakkale provide a comprehensive source of information about this special service of our hotel.


Kolin Hotel is proud to offer both experienced cyclists and newcomers of this sport a perfect starting point to discover the unique beauties of Çanakkale.


With an understanding that supports the pleasant memories spent by cycling and enriching this experience, Kolin Hotel promises its guests an unforgettable cycling experience.


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