Boreas SPA Wellness offers a private hideaway to revitalize your body and mind.

Forget your daily stresses with special massages, skin treatments and relaxing spa rituals performed by experienced therapists in a modern and calming atmosphere.

Swim in the refreshing waters of the pools, unwind in the warmth of the Turkish bath and sauna, then recharge in the fitness center.

Helenistik Healthy Living Center and Slimming programs support healthy living. Experts guide our guests to achieve their health goals with personalized programs and accompany their beauty and health journeys with products prepared with natural ingredients.

Boreas SPA Wellness promises not only an accommodation experience, but also a spiritual and physical renewal.




Boreas Spa & Wellness also offers a unique experience with indoor and outdoor pools with views of the Dardanelles, joining the continents.

Our pools are periodically checked for temperature and hygiene.

On 22.06.2024, the outdoor pool will be out of use.


In Turkish culture, baths are important meeting points not only for health but also for cultural activities. This heritage, which has come to the present day without losing its popularity, continues to be kept alive in baths built with aesthetic architecture in mind.


Boreas Spa offers a Turkish bath to help you purify your body and soul.


Boreas Spa with its massage therapy services invites you into the depths of beauty, tranquility and relaxation.


In the hands of expert therapists, release the tension in your body and let your soul run free.


The body flushes out toxins through sweating after sports. Muscles produce lactic acid due to the energy they consume while working. Being in a warm environment after exercising helps to remove toxins that are excreted through sweat but not removed from the body.

Buhar odasındaki  yüksek nem oranı sayesinde ciltteki nem ve sıvı kaybı az olur. Yüksek sıcaklık sayesinde kan dolaşımı hızlanır oksijen miktarı artış gösterir. 


Sweating helps to remove toxins, open pores and expel harmful substances. Sauna after sports strengthens your immune system.

High temperature speeds up circulation by dilating blood vessels. This allows the body to get more oxygen. 

By using the steam room and sauna in the right way, you can speed up your healing process and make it part of your healthy lifestyle.


Kolin Hotel's equipped fitness room offers a complete training experience to sports lovers. With its up-to-date equipment and motivating atmosphere, guests step on their journey to a healthy life.


Reformer Plates, which is among the modern fitness equipment of Kolin Hotel, offers an effective exercise experience that gives flexibility and strength to guests. With this special equipment, you will enjoy it while getting your body in shape at the same time.


Kolin Hotel's delicious protein bar offers an energy-filled break for guests interested in healthy eating. It is now much more enjoyable to meet your nutritional needs with its high quality protein content.


The Hellenistic Wellness Center combines the beauty rituals of Ancient Greece with contemporary luxury.

Forget About Time and Treat Yourself

Antik dönemin zarif ritüelleri ve modern masaj teknolojisinin mükemmel bir kombinasyonunu sunar. Profesyonel fizyoterapistlerimiz, rahatlatıcı terapiler sunar.